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Put your selling skills to work for you with a company that truly rewards your performance – welcome to Core 4 Contractors! Technically, we hate to call ourselves "Sales" Associates...we like to think of ourselves as educators and helpers of our community! Our team is tremendously successful because of this, and we continue to experience unprecedented growth, which translates into great opportunities for your sales career! This is a position with unlimited earning potential, the freedom to choose your schedule, which allows you to be truly in control of your financial destiny.


The LEAD SPECIALIST must maintain professionalism and a positive attitude at all times. Building solid, long-term relationships with our clients presents a rewarding opportunity for both entry level as well as experienced professionals.

In addition to sales skills, you will be trained on how to develop a comprehensive knowledge about the products and services being sold. Maintain a social media presence using marketing to promote yourself and the company, and be involved in social events. Some physical requirements including the ability to bend, lift, and climb a ladder. A reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license is required. (This is a contract position ONLY.)










Primary duties include:

  1. Participate in weekly sales meetings

  2. Participate in all necessary sales training

  3. Be able to work evenings and Saturdays. (Or immediately after a storm)

  4. Utilization of all software provided by Core 4

  5. Maintain an accurate lead/sales log

  6. Complete all paperwork and ensure Office Manager has copies

  7. Work closely with Sales Manager, Project Manager and Production Manager, crews and office staff to the success of every job

  8. Display and maintain professionalism at all times

  9. Conduct him / herself with honor and integrity at all times


APPLY TODAY! (Please attach resume to email.)

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Based on a FULL TIME position.

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